• What a great stove at a very competitive price! A beautifully elegant contemporary wood burner with an average burn of 5kw and top burn of 7kw. It can be fitted without an air vent. It now is available with curved side panels that mirror the shape of the soapstone version.
  • This is a live display and can be shown working at our showroom. This classic cooker was launched to commemorate Esse' 150th year of trading and has gone form strength to strength since appearing on River Cottage. It is practical as well as eye catching taking loads of 0.5m logs. It provides...
  • MAN MADE BLOCKS Heat logs / ECO-Briquettes £4.25 a single pack or £20 per 5 packs (50kg) KILN DRIED WOOD  Kiln dried hard wood logs in nets £4.50 a single or 5 Packs for £20.00 (50kg)  1m3 of kiln dried ash for £160 DELIVERED...
  • £947.00
    These prices are for local sale only add 10% for the rest of the country. The Little Thurlow is an exciting addition to the Town and Country existing range of clean burning stoves. (79.5% effcient!) Designed especially for the lower fire opening, being only 20.5 inches high, and burns wood...

Do you need a liner?


This is a loaded question as most people quite rightly don’t want to pay out money if they don’t have to. Firstly I would like to say that you are in the fitters hands, it is down to their discretion as they have to sign the appliance as safe. But a rule of thumb is that if a chimney is over 12”x12” it should be lined as it will slow the exit of gases causing chimney deposits and a risk of soot falls. Also if the chimney is in poor order, which is usually established by smoke testing the chimney, it should be lined. However stoves can be connected to clay liners if they are in good order.

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